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First Comes Love

Douglas E. Brinley, Ph.D. and Mark D. Ogletree, Ph.D. (Hard Cover)

Following the runaway success of the best-selling book Between Husband and Wife, thousands of parents, bishops, stake presidents, and counselors have asked for a book about dating and courtship for younger members of the Church. First Comes Love is that book.

  • With insight, wisdom, and wit, Drs. Brinley and Ogletree write about:
  • Preparing for marriage now
  • Maintaining an eternal perspective
  • Becoming the "right" person before you find the "right" person
  • Planning to marry in the temple
  • Intimacy in marriage
  • Practical money management practices
  • Preparing for marital differences
  • And much more

As President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "The most important step you have made or will make in your life is marriage. Its consequences are many, so important and so everlasting. No other decision will have such tremendous consequences for the future." For couples who are seriously dating or are already engaged, First Comes Love will provide needed perspective and will help prepare anyone for the tremendous blessings and inevitable challenges of marriage.


Then Comes Marriage

Mark D. Ogletree & Douglas E. Brinley, [American Fork, Utah: Covenant Book, 2005] (Hard Cover)

A strong marriage goes far beyond the idea of just not getting divorced. Our Father in Heaven wants us to have heavenly joy - to experience true wedded bliss. No other relationship demands as much attention as your marriage. Yes, marriage is work! But it can and should be an enjoyable labor of love.

In Then Comes Marriage, authors Doug Brinley and Mark Ogletree give you the tools to begin, or begin again, to build your marriage into the joyful union the Lord desires it to be. In this enlightening book, the authors combine statements from General Authorities with real-life situations and practical advice that will help couples align their priorities to achieve greater happiness in marriage.

Brimming with wisdom, Then Comes Marriage is a must-read for married and about-to-be married Latter-day Saint couples who want to stay close, or become closer. This may well be the most useful LDS marriage book you will read.


Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families: The Book of Mormon

For many families, scripture study is a challenge at best. Too often, it means the same old thing-quickly going around the room with each person reading a verse or two. Isn't there more that parents can do to bring the power of the scriptures into their families?

Scripture Study for Latter-day Saint Families offers a solid answer: Yes! This power-packed resource book is full of great ideas for family scripture study. Parents will thrill as they open up chapters and discover activities, object lessons, stories, quotations, and insights that will help them lead their families through the Book of Mormon.